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Have you ever been at restaurant and you had to ask the waitress to turn up the lights so you can read the menu?

Perhaps you like to read in bed while your significant other just wants to go to sleep and turn the lights out?

How about working on those small hobbies or projects that become tedious on the eyes?

Are you a student and need more light for those late nights studying?
  Now is the time for lighted LED reading glasses!


Opticbrights are a must have item!

Now all these problems and more have been solved with Opticbrights  Our high quality, stylish lighted reading glasses offer LED technology. This projects a smooth bright beam of light that illuminates any visual material and it’s so significant you can actually read in total darkness! Our eyeglasses with LED lights are fantastic for crafts, sewing, home improvement projects and MORE! Never disturb your seatmate when traveling by plane, train, bus or car. No more having to put in contact lenses each time you want to read.

Much consideration has also gone into the fashion aspect of Opticbrights making it completely unisex in design and it’s available in three of the most common eyewear colors Black, Tortoise, and Burgundy. Lens strengths range from 0.00 - +3.00. Come discover why our LED reading glasses, Opticbrights are the most highly asked for LED readers on the planet.
We offer best pricing on both retail and wholesale LED glasses.

ALL reading glasses should be this way!


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